Jimmy’s new set of wheels

May 29, 2018 4:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
Jimmy and Support Worker

Jimmy is a rural man in his early 50s and is based in south-west NSW. He is also a long-term amputee.
As a young Aboriginal man living in remote northern NSW, he stood on a nail, and eventually lost his leg from the hip down due to an untreated infection. With the lack of support available to him at the time, his direction in life drastically altered.

Jimmy is extremely reserved and reluctant to speak in English. He was recently referred to an Ability Linker in his area as it was obvious that he had been ‘doing it very tough’ and was missing out on some basic supports.

Together Jimmy and his Linker identified that improving his mobility was Jimmy’s main goal.

For many years Jimmy had used a very basic ancient wheelchair which had no padding in the seat area. The old chair was very difficult to manoeuvre due to its age and the terrain where Jimmy lives.

Jimmy’s Linker was able to help him secure funding for a new wheelchair, which has now been purchased and provides excellent padding for his frail frame. Jimmy was understandably a little overwhelmed but was very happy when he received his new chair.

The Linker is now supporting Jimmy to register with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Once his application is approved Jimmy is confident his NDIS Plan will lead to a significant improvement in his quality of life.

PHOTO: Jimmy with Support Worker Brian.

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