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William (left) and Zac (right) showing some favourite anime.

Taking the Anime Lead

When Will first met his Ability Links Linker, he had been going through a tough time with severe anxiety and depression. Will was struggling to build friendships and wanted to be linked to a group where he could share his passion for anime and video games. Through discussions with Will and other participants, the Linker saw that there was a gap in the community for people Will’s age and that met his wants and goals. Through discussion with Will, the Linker he had an idea to start a pop culture group and asked Will if he would like to lead the group. Will said leading the group was out of his comfort zone but he wanted to give it a go. He liked the idea of showing and teaching other people about his passion for anime and video games.

Getting my confidence back – Jacinta’s Story

When Jacinta came to Ability Links she had lost her confidence. She was being bullied at work because of her disability. Jacinta and her Linker discussed options for looking for a new job and a workplace that better appreciated her skills. While Jacinta was still very reluctant at first, her Linker reassured her that not all workplaces are the same. Jacinta and her Linker first set about updating her resume and talked to Sureway, a local employment and training agency, about funding a traineeship. Surway spoke with Jacinta and told her she was eligible for both and that there was a job at a local caravan park for a trainee cleaner.
Mary sitting in her garden

Mary’s Penchant for Poetry

Ever since Mary was young she has loved writing poetry. Over the years, this love has extended to a desire to share her poetry with others, however, opportunities for poetry events were few and far between in her town. When Mary discussed her passion with a local linker, they decided to work together with the local library where Mary volunteers to plan an event where she could perform her poetry. The Linker introduced Mary to the coordinator of the local arts council who was also a poet and could guide Mary in putting on the event. Mary invited other local and visiting poets to participate in the event and together worked to plan and promote the poetry event.
Photo of man with beanie

Getting around – Carey’s Story

For regional areas, lack of transport options can be very isolating and for Chris, it meant he was spending most of his time at home. When Chris and an Ability Links’ ‘Linker’ first met up to discuss his goals and aspirations, Chris talked about his difficulty in getting around town. Chris told his Linker that he either had to walk or catch a taxi, as there was no public transport available and that because of the cost of taxis, he wasn’t able to access his local community as often as he would like, especially if it was raining.
Amy smiling at the camera

Perseverance Pays Off – Lisa’s Story

Lisa is a very determined young woman living with blindness in a small town. Despite holding five certificates, all in different areas, Lisa found it very difficult to permanent work. Over the years, Lisa has held a few different jobs, however, found that each time when the disability job subsidy ran, out so did her job. When Lisa met with a local Linker, they discussed her experience and employment opportunities with local businesses. Lisa told the Linker she was very interested in massage and wanted to try and get work in that area.
Speedy wearing rabbitohs jerson

Speedy realises his life long Rabbitohs dream

“Speedy” is well-known in Coffs Harbour. He has a larger than life personality and is a huge fan of the Rabbitohs. He is usually kitted out in Rabbitohs gear, with team flags and streamers flying from his bike’s handlebars. Speedy even keeps two pet rabbits and a guinea pig named Russell as part of his devotion to the Rabbitohs. Speedy's dream was to get to a Rabbitohs game, because he had never had the chance to see his beloved team play.
Picture of Wymarra Rose

Coming out on top – Wymarra’s Story

Growing up, Wymarra has had a lot of challenges to deal with. Due to illness, Wymarra was frequently in and out of hospital. To add to the challenges he faced, Wymarra was bullied at school and felt like he never fit in. So when Wymarra and his mum moved towns, it was a chance at a fresh start.
Jason Roberts

Connecting to a passion – Jason’s Story

When Jason first came to Ability Links his passion for photography, film making and editing was clear. Jason had previously participated in a couple of disability specific theatre/media projects in his local area and was wanting to have more experiences working in these areas. However, after completing a Transition To Work Program, Jason found himself staying at home on his own most days and not being part of any local social activities.
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