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Ability Links participant Jen

Jennifer’s Story

Sarah had been the carer of her mum for 15 years. So when her mum needed to live in an aged care facility due to her declining health and her advanced dementia Sarah naturally felt a little lost. Since moving to the Northern Rivers from Sydney 18 years ago, Sarah had made few friends, as most of her time was devoted to her caring role. She told her Linker she wanted to get a job, and supplement her disability support pension, but did not feel she had the confidence or skills to get a job in open employment.
Woman looking at books (not person from story)

Jane’s Story

When Jane first came to Ability Links she had been up and down and drifting. She was experiencing some mental health problems and had recently been admitted to hospital on several occasions. After connecting with Ability Links, Jane and her Linker sat down together to discuss her goals and ambition. Jane expressed an interest in giving back to the community in some way, so together with her Linker, she began to flesh out her goals and steps needed to achieve them.
Picture of Aunty May

No longer in the world alone

"In the World Alone" is the title Aunty May selected for the digital story she made for the project that Ability Links ran with ABC Open, culminating in a public viewing of everyone's stories in November 2016. In the process of sharing her story, Aunty May attended a series of workshops on writing, illustrating, recording and editing a digital story that was designed and put on by ABC Open for all of the participants in the project.
Chris looking at the camera with an Aboriginal painting in the background

Dreams Becoming a Reality – Craig’s Story

During a recent workshop Chris, a Deaf participant, indicated that it was his dream to be able to have more people in his community communicate with him in his language. Chris told the story of Martha's Vineyard in America, where everyone on the island was taught to sign from birth.
Suzie standing looking at camera

Finding Confidence – Suzie’s Story

Having been blind since birth, Suzie has needed to rely on those around her to support her in her day to day activities; especially her niece. So when her niece needed to take time out to care for her own growing family, Ability Links was able to step in and link Suzie to the services she needed.
Picture: Zoe next to a fountain

Zoe’s Story

When I was 14 months old when I was diagnosed with clicky hips. Since then I’ve had several failed operations on both hips, the latest of which when I was 21. After my latest operation, I spent two weeks in hospital because the operation really knocked me around. My mobility was not good and I had to have a walker. Prior to the operation, I had started a Cert III in Community Services at TAFE, however, by the time I was ready to go back I had fallen behind.
Participants in the Scootability event to raise awareness of access issues for people on scooters

Creating Community Change – Kevin’s Story

When Ill health, combined with physical disabilities forced Kevin to use a mobility scooter to get around, he began to notice the difficulties faced by scooter users in his home town. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of awareness of mobility scooter access within his local community, Kevin thought it was time to take action into his own hands and become an advocate for local scooter users. After meeting up with his local Linker, the two developed a plan of action to address the access issue.
Picture: Robert and Tracey with their Linker in front of a tree by the river

A Helping Hand – Robert and Tracey’s Story

Previously, Robert had been a very house proud man, however, severe arthritis combined with Myoclonus meant he was unable to do many of his day to day house chores, which in turn was making him anxious and depressed. So when Robert met up with his Linker he asked for support to help him find someone that could help him clean his home and have the patience and understanding to help him sort personal belongings. Fortunately, Robert’s Linker knew just the right person for the job.
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